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Slough Cypresses
Monterey Cypress (Hesperocyparis macrocarpa) is a tree with a very limited natural range that is widely cultivated, depicted here growing in a stand on the banks of the Elkhorn Slough. The tree is very common along the bluffs of the California coast where it has been planted over the decades but now grows “naturally” in only two stands in Point Lobos and Pebble Beach near Monterey. During cooler periods of earth history the tree had a wider distribution in California. On a granite outcropping in Pebble Beach, the wizened “Lone Cypress” clings to edge of the continent, battered each winter by pacific storms, its branches held up by cables. The iconic beauty of this tree led the Pebble Beach Company to trademark its image. If you visit the tree on 17-mile drive, you will see a sign that reads: “Lone Cypress ® a trademark of quality Lone Cypress is the corporate logo and trademark of Pebble Beach Company. As such, the use of the tree’s image is regulated by law. Photographs or art renderings of the Lone Cypress for commercial or promotional purposes cannot be taken or created without written permission from Pebble Beach Company. Photographs and art renderings for personal use only are welcomed.”

Slough Cypress
Slough Cypress
3-color silkscreen
17 x 26" (22 x 30" paper size)

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